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Did you know?

  • The Lady and the Unicorn
    There is in Paris, France, a museum called La Musée de Moyenne Âge (The Musem of Middle Ages). It is home to an amazing set of tapestries entitled ...
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Litrasaurus Recommends

  • Watership Down by Richard Adams
    A wonderful tale albeit sad in parts about agroup of rabbits in search of a new home. Characters feature Fiver a young rabbit who has a special gif...
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Litrasaurus has a Quest !

Litrasaurus Quest

Litrasaurus’ Quest is to keep alive imagination, allowing children, indeed all of us, to enjoy escaping into other worlds, and to be inspired by words. He wants children to have the freedom to interpret the written word in their own special way and develop their own creativity and empathy. This freedom is granted both by the reading of books and the writing of stories and poems. Using words Litrasaurus aims to inspire imagination in the young at heart, irrespective of age or capability or situation, by offering access to children’s literature, both contemporary and classic, as well as providing a platform to assist and enable the reading, writing, and sharing of stories and poems.

LitraQuest is a site which is designed to engage with anyone interested in the role of stories and poems in developing imagination, creativity, and empathy (including: parents, teachers, grandparents, tutors, authors, media, libraries, bloggers, artists, poets, etc.).

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