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The most exiting night ever

by jessica stories

Dear diary, 

Today was rather extraordinary ! It all started when papa announced that we would be going to Mrs Bootle noses annual ball. Of corse this was an unexpected twist in events as usually me and my two younger brother are stuck at home and I feel rather left out as I miss all the shopping expeditions and new frocks. This time it was rather different. Coming back from the ball I felt very grown up, anyone would in our amazing carriage. It is a newish thing with red velvet curtains and a black horse.  It rides along and everyone stares up at us as we sail past, king of the road.

It wasn't quite the same though.It seemed to be in perpetual silence and I fount my self scuffing my feet on the floor just to break it.Thankfully, Madame Crilly( our faithful St bernard) started to howl at the top of her voice for no apparent reason. Just as mama lent over to tell her to stop a gun shot pierced the near silence!

I do believe I fainted as when I came out of my brief unconscious state I was lying on the floor and was being ordered out by a masked figure with a gun (I later learnt this was a highway man)! Gagged and blindfolded,  though to be frank the latter was not needed .It was so dark that the black clad figure must of known the area very well.

Eventually our blindfolds were removed and after our eyes adjusted to the darkness we found that we were tied together with stiff rope, only Madame Crilly was left unbound lying under a single ray of moonlight radiating from a lone window with we could easily prise open if we could only escape our bonds!

We argued long and hard about this but finally decided we should sleep on the matter.However we didn't need to. For when we awoke our ropes were chewed through thanks to Madame Crilly!

Now I lie on my bed and write this tired from the days events and am sure that was the most exiting ball I will ever go to!