Litrasaurus is a privately funded, charitable endeavour to encourage and develop imagination, creativity, and empathy in the young, and young at heart, by providing a free platform for the reading, writing, and sharing of stories and poems.

Using words Litrasaurus wants to allow children to enjoy escaping into other worlds, or be able to make better sense of this one.  Above all we want them to be inspired irrespective of age, or capability, or situation.

“I give you Litrasaurus and these characters so that stories may never end and books become extinct as, sadly, so many creatures over time have done – use them to inspire and create flights of fantasy to delight yourselves, or your children and their children – create wondrous new worlds or imagine past worlds but never let imagination die – use these tools and characters to share experiences, places, thoughts, or ideas with others” Charlotte


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This website is owned and operated by Charlotte M Bailey who is also the owner of ® Litrasaurus.

Litrasaurus is a charitable endeavour, indeed it has no commercial element whatsoever: we don’t charge for, or sell, or promote anything ... nor do we recoup any expenses, or pay any salaries, etc.



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