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The Tiger

by Niamh Campbell

I was sitting in my room when I heard a growl from outside my window. I stopped at the noise and I got up and walked  slowly towards the window and looked out. Nothing was there so I went back to my desk and went back to doing my homework. I just wondered if that noise was familiar  with me, that growl, that sneakily going away, could it possible be my favourite animal, The Tiger? I ran to my mum immediately to tell her that I had heard a growl outside my window and it could possibly be a Tiger. Unfortunately, my Mum didn't listen and told me to get back to my homework. I sighed and went away to finish my arithmatic. Later that night when I was just about to go to sleep I heard the growl again but this time it seemed to be a little closer, like outside my door! Slowly and quietly I got up and walked over to the closed door and ever so slightly opened it. Outside there was the amazing, almighty Tiger! I could see it but I doubted it could see me. I wanted to scream but I wouldn't let myself. "Come on Izzy," I said to myself. I tried to stop myself from saying anything at all but suddenly a jump in me told myself to walk out in front of the Tiger and I did. It looked at me and I said to it, "Hi, my name is Izzy and I love Tigers like yourself". In that moment it started to walk towards me and unexpectedly it rubbed its cheek against my leg and lay down. I knew I would need to get it out the house but for now it felt really nice.......