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Dino D-Day

by Noah

One cold ,dark day a group of kids called triple trouble were in the house trying to think of something to do. "I know!" Shouted James ,"let's explore the woods!".Noah jumped up "yeah, that's a great idea!"

Once they were in the woods they started hearing wierd noises "umm I think we should go back"whispered Ophelia "nooooo!" Shouted Noah angrily . "Wait a second" said James and he pointed at a glowing green sphere , big enough for a whale to fit through. "What is it?" Asked Ophelia "I think it's some sort of portal" said Noah.

Suddenly they heard a roar and then a gigantic spinosaurus appeared, "run!!!" Screamed James. The spinosaurus charged. The gang hid and ducked behind the thickest tree but the creature ran straight past them towards the fishing village.

They had the beast in sight on the docks, the gang suddenly caught sight of a gigantic net Noah called to all of the fishermen. The fishermen went and grabbed the net and in about two minutes of chasing the beast they finally surrounded it. "And now!!!" They threw the net on him.

Soon the beast back in the portal safe and sound, they got the military to blow up the portal and the Dino-portal never bothered them again,for now at least. The end.