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by Cindi Walton

It was an hour before bedtime and all through my room 
My toys were all scattered and sensing their doom
To the toy box they went and the blocks to their bin
One broken mermaid who was missing her fin
The books on the shelf and dolls in their crib
One minus her shoe, the other her bib
Puzzle pieces picked up and returned to their box
My ducks in a row as I looked at the clock
Five minutes to spare,” now what should I do?”
No time for crafts or gluing with glue
My door flew wide open and Papa walked in
Smiling and winking he said with a grin
“Five minutes to spare come give me a hug!”
And he squeezed me real tight and we fell to the rug
He tickled, I laughed and we giggled some more
Then we heard “bedtime” from outside of the door
Momma came in and sat on my bed
She reached for my hand and patted my head
The covers turned down and I crawled on in
She pulled them back up, tucked under my chin
Now Papa and Momma kissed me goodnight 
Gave me a drink and turned out the light
My final thought as I drifted away
“What a wonderful end to a wonderful day”