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by James

Once upon a time there lived a panda called Boo. Boo didn't like the city. In fact he didn't like to be anywhere near cities.

Boo had a very big tummy which he used to play-fight with the squirrels nearby. They were always careful when they play-fought even though sometimes Boo thought that was too boring.

One day the squirrels tried to tell Boo to stop play-fighting and so that is when they saw the biggest tree in the forest and it looked like a ready-made home. They all stared at the tree because it was so beautiful and original. They all wanted to live there and so there was a race to see who would get to the tree first. They drew. One of the squirrels abruptly had an idea. The idea was to have a real fight with Boo. Boo was suddenly frightened by what the squirrels did, they climbed on each other's shoulders and formed a gigantic, frightening monster. Boo could not believe his own eyes. They used their big stride to try to squash Boo but they missed and Boo used his big tummy to stop them. He got the monster's foot and put it on top of his big tummy and the squirrel monster was defeated. The squirrels were really upset and they said "Bye" to Boo, and Boo had the tree all to himself. He was so happy and had a very happy life from there. Boo became a business man and got a voluntary second panda. He fell in love with her and went to buy her some jewellery and asked her to marry him and she said "Yes". They all lived happily ever after.