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Jungle Animal Acrostic

by James

I am a giraffe:

G is for great, I’m tall for tree grazing

I is for Incredible – my neck is amazing!

R is for ruminant, I’m the biggest one.

A is for Africa where I am from.

F is for fascinating, read all about me!

F is for friendly, I only eat tree.

E is for exciting, what it’s like to be me!


I am a zebra:

Z is for Zebra, I’m striped and fast

E is for elegant, look at me as I trot past

B is for beautiful, I look good in stripes

R is for running, I run for my life!

A is for Africa, I live there too.


I am an elephant:

E is for Enormous, a huge land mammal

L is for life span, I live longer than a camel!

E is for ears, great big and floppy

P is for pachyderm, a hard name to copy

H is for herd, I live with my friends

A is for Adventure, we walk till the ends

N is for nose, ours are long and so clever

T is for Trunk, we love them forever.


I am a monkey:

M is for mischief, I’m cheeky and clever

O is for Orang-utan my orange furred brother

N is for naughty, I’ll steal your hats!

K is for killing, poachers set traps.

E is for eating, I love bananas and fruit

Y is for young, baby chimps are so cute!


I am a crocodile:

C is for CHOMP I can snap my jaws down

R is for rolling to make my prey drown

O is for oh no! Look out! It’s me!

C is for courageous, nothing scares me.

O is for Oh really, I’m not THAT bad

D is for dangerous, maybe just a tad

I is for intelligent, I’m a cunning reptile

L is for lurking, on the banks of the Nile

E is for eating and I haven’t for a while…


I am a rhino:

R is for rare, I’m an endangered species

H is for horns, I have a big one of these

I is for incredible, my skin is like armour

N is for no one, has skin any harder

O is for oops, I knocked over that tree…


I am a lion:

L is for lion, super speedy predator

I is for intelligent, quick witted carnivore

O is for orange, my eyes shining in the sun

N is for nothing, can catch me when I run!