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A spy in the camp for Litrasaurus!

by Carlotta

It had been one of those beautiful summer days and Fancy was flying the children back to Litrasaurus cave she was tired but they had all had so much fun. She had taken them on one of her flights of fancy to a wonderful distant age that they had wished to visit – more of that adventure in another story.  On her journey back flying high over the land of Perpetua she noticed something strange, it looked like a child asleep but it was getting dark and she could not make it out clearly, she did not mention it to the children but flew as fast as she could to safely return them, it worried her as she knew that the dark woodland was not somewhere safe for lone children as many mysterious creatures lived there and indeed Extinctus had instructed Kindler and his Androids to use the woodlands to make the book burning bonfires there amongst other places, as few people ventured there.

Having left the children in the safe care of Litrasaurus and advising him of her concern she hurried back and flew over the woodlands, she took care to change her appearance to look like a small brown bird so as not to attract attention. The light was failing and she could see in amongst the trees golden eyes of who knows what?  She found the site of the “child” and on settling nearby she saw that it was in fact one of Extinctus androids (or robots). For some reason it had a problem – perhaps from getting too close to the bonfires had caused a problem with its electronics? She did not know, but what she did know, was that Professor Sci-Fi had long since wished to examine one to see if he could find out whether he could re-programme them in some way so that he may help to stop the destructive behaviour that Extinctus had created them to do. So this was the chance!

Fancy decided to change her appearance again to a much larger bird that could carry the Android to the cave of Litrasaurus where the professor kept his laboratory.

Professor Sci-Fi just jumped up and down with joy as was his way if he discovered something new.  Now, together with the wonderful books on robots that had been rescued by Didi (see “Didi and the Androids” story for more on that), hopefully, with a real specimen he could see just how they “ticked” and do something about it.

He spent many sleepless nights working out how they had been created and learned how to repair the android he also had an absolutely brilliant idea!  (as only he could!) Whilst repairing the damaged android he inserted a device that could record what instructions Extinctus gave the androids but even better a tracking device to check where they were going which might mean that Litrasaurus friends could race ahead of them to save the books.

Professor Sci-Fi then returned the android to the woods as it would find its way back to Extinctus and now we shall just have to wait and see how it works! Or as Prof. Sci-Fi says ..If it works and is not detected by the very clever Extinctus … More soon!