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A Christmas Bauble Adventure

by Year 3 and Year 4

Lily and Chloe, who were two best friends, were rapidly running home from swimming club. Surprisingly, it finished early at 8 o’clock. They were running down and ancient, crooked path and it was too dark to see even a metre away.

Down by the ancient, broken house, Lily noticed a colossal, bright, green light. She shouted to Chloe “Look at that Chloe!” Chloe turned immediately. “Wow! What is it?” Chloe exclaimed. For the next ten minutes, all was silent. Suddenly, they heard an ear-piercing, banging drum sound.

A few seconds later, they found themselves scrambling through a bush then they discovered that it was a massive Christmas bauble. Chloe thought it was a decoration since it was Christmas two weeks ago.

After they woke up, they found out that they were in the North Pole! Elves were staring over at them. They didn’t remember what happened 24 hours before. Chloe looked over her body and there was slime coloured tinsel all over her. She looked sideways, the same slime was on Lily. ‘What an earth has happened?’ she thought.

All of a sudden, vampire Father Christmas came into the room and threatened to bite Lily and Chloe. They immediately escaped sensing danger! They never returned to the North Pole but they both had pieces of slime to remind them of their journey.