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What On Earth ?

by Anon

I stepped back fearfully, feeling my way through the darkness. ‘IT’ crept closer. My eyes widened. My hairs stood on end. Sweat pouring down my forehead, I took another slow step back and to my horror felt the wall against my palms. I was trapped !

The creatures red eyes narrowed at me. I could feel its hot breath on my neck and saw its razor sharp claws glimmer as the moonlight caught them. I began to panik. I croaked out a note of terror and tried helplessly to run, but I was paralised in fear. ‘IT’ took another step forward.

Feeling my way along the wall, I desperately tried to hit a light switch. Suddenly with a growl like thunder ‘IT’ leapt at me !

Grappling with it, I felt sharp claws digging into my flesh. I screamed and flicked on the light switch in time to see ... the cat crawl off my shoulder.

Meeeeooww !