Firstly to be clear you can do anything and everything on Litrasaurus without being registered or logged in.  Also there is no charge for anything on Litrasaurus - it is all absolutely free !

So, why would you want to register? Well, it is mostly about your stories being attributed to you. If you submit a story without being registered and logged in the author is shown as “Anon” (which is short for anonymous). This is because unless you register and log in we don’t know what you want your username to be.

If you register and log in you can pick a unique username which will then be shown as the author of all the stories you submit. So, now, if you submit more than one story all your stories will have the author shown as being your username, and also people can see all the stories written by you on one page – you can do this for any author by simply clicking on the author’s username on any of their stories.

When you submit a story without having registered and logged in we do ask you for your email address. The reason for this is so that we can identify you if you ever come to register and log in. Then we can change the author of your previous stories from “Anon” to your username.

When you give us your email address we only ever use it to identify your stories or to contact you about something to do with Litrasaurus (for instance if you win a prize). We will never, ever, give your email or contact details to anyone else.

In the future we might build more functionality, for instance ‘favourites’: this would be so that you can tag your favourite stories and then see them all on one page, rather than having to scroll through all the stories to find your ‘favourites’. In order to enable that kind of functionality you would have to be registered and logged in. So, in the future, there may be other features and functions that need you to be registered and logged in to use them, but at the moment there aren’t any.

If you want to you can see all of our terms and conditions by clicking HERE

If you want you can contact us by clicking HERE