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The perfect dream

by Anon

You are going to bed after a tiring day , you dream.You are walking on the beach. It is nearly deserted but you can't see why.It is everything you could want in a seaside with its silky , smooth sand and shells.You paddle for a while in the seas eerie calm it's depths seeming to glow every hue of blue you've ever seen and many more besides. Despite all the colours you find that you can see to the bottom covered in shells that have never been seen before.You're sure of this because , if ever found they would be on the cover of every newspaper.They look to be made of glass and flower petals, with to much detail to be made by human hands. You pick one up and put it in your pocket to study later.

It is the first time you've looked at your clothes. They seem to match the shell in your pocket, beautiful and flawless.You are in a dress seemingly made from crystal but it's not uncomfortable in fact it is so light and soft it feels like feathers.After what seems like minutes but must of been hours, you emerge from the shallows, now as you walk you leave a trail of wet footprints in your wake.On your right you see an area full of white boulders which you feel you have to climb .As you make your way towards them you take in the size of the boulders which are huge! Luckily,  someone has carved steps in them and you  make the journey easily from the top you see some rock pools and hurry down to see them.

Some thing about it enraptuses you.Mabye it's the way the walls of the rock pool you're looking at sparkle like cut jewels or, more likely, the way that , unlike some this rock pool seems to spiral on infinatly in the pool you think you catch a glimpse of a wing perhaps a tiny pair of legs you reach down to try to grab the creature...and wake up. 

You think it was a dream but the water on your feet and the perfect shell in your pocket tell you otherwise.