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by Bish Bash 123

The radiant sun stretched down its golden fingers  and crept beneath my curtain, cascading onto my carpet.  As  the sun touched my soft, pale forehead I leaned out of bed. It was almost calling me to stand in its' light and absorb its saffron glory. I was reluctant to leave the suns shimmering power when my mum called "Get ready! We're going to the park!"

This got me moving, in a few short seconds I had scrambled downstairs, to wait for my mum. As I stepped out of the glossy black door it was like stepping into a canvas splashed with cobalt, gilt yellow, and vibrant green and lots of other luxurious colours.

When I arrived with my mum I couldn't resist the temptation to just stand and admire the gifts of summer : the indigo flowers dancing in the crisp wind , the emerald green grass slumbering under the fiery sun and the scarlet apples leaping off the trees and plopping onto the earthy ground.

Strangely I heard a rustle in the tree. Then a young girl with blonde hair, a bright yellow dress, golden shoes and a pair of deep yellow eyes appeared " Hello I'm Sunshine." The girl called to me.   "Hi I'm Jesse." I called back.

Sunshine and I spent the rest of the day together. The most amazing thing about Sunshine was that wherever she went she spread laughter and light.

A few days passed and Sunshine and I were the best of friends.  One day  Sunshine had asked to talk to me. She said " I am a sun child I was set upon earth to bring light and joy I have done that now and must go." I watched her as she was blown away into dust by the whistling wind. Never to be seen again...