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A New Beginning

by Anon

It was a harsh venture into the world. Something was wrong and from the safety of my mummy’s tummy I was plucked! Then with my eyes unable to bear the bright light I kept them tightly closed.

They put needles in my feet which hurt and bruised but I knew they must know why and that my mother and the nurses were trying to help - I just could not understand this new world. I longed for her comfort, yet she too was in much pain, but my Dad and she comforted me.

I had to wear eye pads and lie under a bright light which I learned later was to help me not become jaundiced - I do not know what that means. I was uncomfortable and confused.

I longed to meet again my new brother who was so gentle and kind and had waited so very long for a brother and, as I learned later, was so worried, as were they all, that I may not survive. The preparations to celebrate my arrival had been meticulous - a larger house, decorating a special nursery room. He was so wanting a brother but had been disappointed before when things went wrong and the whole family had been devastated – but this time, despite awful problems along the way, I fulfilled his dream.

I hope that he will always be there for me and I for him. That is what we hope all families will be mothers, fathers, step-children and step-parents, brothers and sisters pulling together for the benefit of all.