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by Raviranjan Goswami

In a remote village of India there lived a little girl,whose name was Jhontsy. She was a beautiful and witty girl but she hated combing her hair. Therefore her hair were often rough and matted. Her village was near a forest. Her mother used to go to the forest to bring some dry wood sticks, which she burnt outside her house to keep away wild animals and fight the cold weather.

One day Jhontsy accompanied her mother to the forest. She followed her mother care fully but suddenly there appeared a leopard in front of them. Jhontsy got afraid and started running away. Why running she passed under a thorny berry tree, Unfortunately her matted hair got caught in a loosly hanging thorny branch of the tree.As she tried to be free her hair got more entangled there and she felt its pain also. She cried for help. Her mother, who was folloing her ,rescued her from this painfull and horrible situation. Jhontsy realised that her matted hair was responible for this painfull and panicky situation. After reaching back home the first thing she did was to comb and nicely do her hair.