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Dear Wolf

by Bish Bash 123

Dear Wolf,

You ought to be ashamed of yourself and your disgraceful behaviour. You are nothing but a big bad bully! Your mother would be ashamed of you! We little pigs are just trying to find a cosy home to live in and you cruelly placed obstacles along every inch of our path. As one of God's fine creatures yourself, you should know better!

There are many crimes of which you are guilty: damaging public property, farmyard robbing and domination of those most vulnerable. How would you like it if a big bad pig waddled to your house one day and destroyed it? Many people have been terrified by you. Can we just point out that you have destroyed two of our little friends, the boy who cried wolf and little red riding hood known by you as little miss child from hell. We are trying to release the inner wolf inside of you. Don't go roaming around the forest, don't destroy other people's lives.

We little pigs understand that you are spoilt. Therefore we are also sending a letter to your father about your behaviour! Have you ever considered a vegetarian diet? I hope we are getting through to you .

Hate, The three Little Pigs.