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Peterkins Mystery

by Anon

After Peterkin had calmed down from tasting the coconut which took a while. We walked on the soft warm sand when suddenly there was a big CRASH! Peterkin had spotted immedatley that a big wave had brought some of the barrels in with it from the shipwreck. Then we heard a explosion we were so frightened that we ran back as fast a cheetah into  the forest.

When we were far away enough we started to look at our surroundings but all we could see was  just trees then Jack said "guys we might have a problem, we are lost! lets build a shelter to stay the night".

Peterkin got hyperactive  and we were not going to let him  IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE BIG Jack shouted in less than an a hour they had completed  the shelter it looked faboulous and now it was getting dark so they decided to go to sleep.

Strangeley that night a voice said give me Peterkin but that morning Jack woke up to find Peterkin was GONE!