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by James

Hello I am Kit the Knight and I am a Christian. I'm going to the Canterbury Cathedral to pray. I've been in many battles and I've won every one. I am very strong, very brave and I'm extremely kind as well as moral. I wear shiny armour and a gigantic metal helmet with a ruby red feather on the top.

I am very funny and I make everyone laugh. Everyone respects me because I help everyone. I've got a huge horse named Joey. I said to nobody "I wish I had someone to come with me".

A couple of minutes later I saw Ted. Ted said to me "What are you doing Kit?" I explained that I was going on a pilgrimage and Ted said to me "Can I come? I've always wanted to go on a pilgrimage but I've never had time" I said to him "Yes of course you can come along it will be so fun".

First, we had to go over the Southwark Bridge. It was dangerous because that bridge could fall and tumble any minute. We had to be quick and careful. Ted was about to fall but I grabbed him just in time - I had saved his life. As we were walking over there we saw lots of bodies and fish, some fish were as small as snails. A couple of fish were as big as a greyhound. It was amazing. I could hear the seagulls and then rushing of the water and the smell of the rotten animals that was disgusting.

Next, we had to go through Greenwich Park. It was dangerous because I heard that this park is very popular with earthquakes so we had to be quick and careful. We saw loads of nasty looking dogs that looked like they were going to eat us. We could hear the birds tweeting and making their sing song voice. They were chirping as well. I could smell the bones that the dogs had dug up, that smelt disgusting.

Thirdly, we had to go through Gravesend, it was dangerous because I had heard that this is the street of evil witches and wizards. We had to look for anyone mysterious and stay away from them. We could hear the crowd as they talked about things. All the shops looked creepy and old and also very dirty. It was actually quite scary because there was all these freaky people but we didn't see any witches or wizards, if anything we just saw normal people.

On we went …