Litrasaurus lives in a land called Perpetua which is full of interesting places and characters. You may use any of the places or characters in your own stories, or even imagine new ones, so go explore!

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  • Litrasaurus

    His full name is Litrasaurus Tritavus (Tritavus means great, great , great, great, Grandfather). He is very old and wise, but because he is very old, and his eyesight is weak, no-one suspected his secret passion – for books of course ! He even has special spectacles for reading. He is very ... Click here to read more
  • Androids

    These were the “army” of robots or Androids that were created by Extinctus. They would never hurt people or children they were just programmed by Extinctus to destroy books. They looked just like children but were clearly identified because they wore a metallic breastplates with a distincti... Click here to read more
  • Arbus Magicus

    When Litrasaurus was with his family many millions of years ago there were many different types of Ancient Trees - but this particular ancient tree bears wonderful fruits of knowledge, Fructus Cognito. Only Litrasaurus is allowed to pick the fruits from this ancient and magical tree and these fr... Click here to read more
  • Ariadne

    Ariadne, or to give her her full name Ariadne Arachnid Aureus, was a large golden spider who was a very dear friend of Litrasaurus. She was able to spin webs of strong golden threads that could trip or catch the androids to prevent their advance (more of that to follow). Ariadne was very y... Click here to read more
  • Cave

    This cave was home to Litrasaurus and all his books. Also hidden away in the cave was Professor Sci-Fi 's laboratory which was full of bottles of potions and medicines, test tubes, reference books on all sorts of subjects, and a store where he had cogs, wheels, wood and electronic components ... Click here to read more
  • Christopher

    Christopher was a happy boy who was kind and friendly to everyone.  He loved to run errands for his ageing grandparents and to go to the cave of Litrasaurus to listen to the stories that were read to all the children who visited it. He loved, most of all, the Library in the cave, where there were... Click here to read more
  • Circuit

    Circuit was rather sad because technology had moved on so fast and he seemed not to be much needed. The pre-programmed Androids of Extinctus had left him feeling friendless and useless.  More than that too, he felt that what they were doing was just not right. He was a kindly, motivated, robot pr... Click here to read more
  • Dedicatus

    Dedicatus was a Scribe and bookbinder.  He was very talented and could make special book covers for the children’s favourite stories or he would inscribe them with their names or messages or dedications in his beautiful scripts. He had a hidden workshop inside the Cave of Litrasaurus where he... Click here to read more
  • Didi Dolphin

    Didi was a dolphin and of all the sea friends and other Dolphins she was the most clever. When ships were lost at sea she would be told by her marine friends and she would rush to the craft and find any books therein and blow a huge bubble of air around them so that the water would not damage ... Click here to read more
  • Dodo

    Now banished from the land of Perpetua where Litrasaurus lives and sent to live on an island, sadly, as he is a flightless bird, he has no means of returning. He was banished by a powerful man in Perpetua whose mission was to rid the land of all books - his name was Extinctus . The island ... Click here to read more
  • Extinctus

    “Ex” for short – had come from a futuristic land where robots and computers controlled the everyday running of that land. His parents had been very clever scientists and they had taught him everything that they knew but they were very busy with their work and so his early life was very lonely and... Click here to read more
  • Extinctus' Tower

    Here was the tower that Extinctus, with the help of his Androids, had created for his base and home in Perpetua; the land he wished to control. It looked like an ancient monument (appearances can be so deceptive!) but inside it was filled with all sorts of futuristic and high technology gadget... Click here to read more
  • Fancy

    A wonderful bird of many colours who could change her size, and sometimes her colour, when she needed to blend into her surroundings to avoid detection (much like a Chameleon can). She would often take the children on flights to other lands and times and worlds, hence her name begat the words a “... Click here to read more
  • Flora

    Flora was a very special princess (in hiding) who had been rescued by Ariadne and brought to Perpetua until it was safe to return to her land which was suffering a time of war. She missed her family very much but understood that they were anxious to keep her protected and she received letters ... Click here to read more
  • Flora's Garden

    Flora's cottage, which Ariadne had found for her, was set in a wonderful walled garden. Flora loved her garden. She would grow all sorts of plants and herbs and flowers in this garden, which, because of that, was always filled with the most wonderful butterflies and birds. Sometimes Profess... Click here to read more
  • Jimmy

    Well Jimmy the Octopus was such a scallywag, he loved to tell jokes and silly stories most of all he was so naughty with his tickling tentacles ! He was, though, a very dear sea friend of Litrasaurus and was an invaluable help to Didi Dolphin as his tentacles were enormously useful in undoing... Click here to read more
  • Kindler

    Kindler was a Grasshopper and a sidekick of Extinctus and as his name implied, he was responsible for kindling the flames of the fires that were to destroy the books. Originally he tried to use his back legs to make the sparks to light the fire but that made them very sore and did not work ! So h... Click here to read more
  • Kindler's Bonfire

    Kindler loved lighting bonfires. It brought back memories of a happy childhood with his family when they would go camping and light a campfire and sing songs and tell stories. Kindler  was friends with Extinctus, and so eager to please him.  Together with the Androids he made bonfires of books wh... Click here to read more
  • Mariana

    Mariana was a mermaid and a friend of Litrasaurus. Now, when Dodo sent a message from Mauritius to tell them that a container ship full of books (which were going to be destroyed by Extinctus), was heading towards Perpetua she used her magical voice, which could lure sailors far and wide, to ... Click here to read more
  • Orthoceras

    A wonderful swimmer and a huge help to Didi Dolphin. If on any of his underwater book rescue missions he encountered the The Jellyfish, who were treacherous and not to be trusted, he would squirt his ink (like a squid can do) and make the waters so murky that any enemy or prying eyes would not be... Click here to read more
  • Professor Sci-Fi

    Professor Sci-Fi had a secret laboratory within the magic Cave. He was very clever and invented all sorts of contraptions and potions. He was well read in all aspects of science, technology , chemistry and physics. He loved to read about outer space and other planets and stars. He also learnt ... Click here to read more
  • The Bluebell Wood

    The Bluebell Wood in Perpetua is just one of the magical places in that land. Bluebells grow all the year round and it is a very beautiful place with very special inhabitants. The wood is home to white horses that are really Unicorns but they have invisible horns because history has taught the... Click here to read more
  • The Jellyfish

    Well they were spineless creatures! But very spiteful and they were jealous of other more sophisticated sea creatures or as Didi Dolphin would say, with a smile, “jellyous”. The Jellyfish had not enough brain to know right from wrong (although many creatures with larger brains suffer the same ... Click here to read more
  • The Snow-Capped Mountains

    Here, to the northern part of the land of Perpetua, lay a beautiful region of high mountains with beautiful lakes and waterfalls of sparkling clear water. Some of the highest mountains were capped with snow even in the midst of summer, and in winter time the snow fall would cover the mountains ri... Click here to read more
  • The Unicorns

    The Unicorns were gentle, shy and peace loving creatures but as you can see in this picture they can look quite fierce when trying to defend themselves. The only difference between unicorns and horses is this magical horn or “corn” hence unicorn means a single horn. In perpetua they keep their... Click here to read more
  • Thesaurus

    A wonderful cloud that housed the treasure chest of words that all story tellers and writers loved to draw from. The cloud would bestow words upon dedicated writers without the knowledge of whence they came, words hidden in their thoughts and what mankind called inspiration. Unless these words... Click here to read more
  • Wally

    Wally was a Mammoth who lived in the ice ridden freezing cold area of Siberia. He was an only child of Mr.& Mrs. Woolly Mammoth. Mammoths in those times were much hunted and in danger of extinction from the hunters who slayed them for their meat and their tusks. One day as they were grazing wh... Click here to read more