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Lizzie & Darcy

by Jacqui

Lizzie and Darcy are ginger twin cats, currently nine and a half years old.

Lizzie washes herself all day long, and is spotless.

Darcy is a boy and not quite so fussy about his appearance. SOMETIMES, Lizzie decides to give Darcy a wash and starts licking his face. He puts up with it for a few moments, then gets cross and gives Lizzie a whack with his paw. It then ends in a fight and I have to intervene to stop it.

But they do love one another really and Darcy will protect Lizzie if any other cat attacks her.

Darcy is actually in love with a pretty, fluffy cat who lives next door, but the fluffy cat takes no notice of him, and then Lizzie feels sorry for Darcy and gives him a little kiss on the forehead, which Darcy pretends not to like- but he does, really.