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Lily's Secret Time Machine

by Lilia

About the author 

I am only 7 but I always love a good story. One day I thought I might want to make a story book. My cousin Courtney love’s reading and making stories. 

Chapter 1 

Lily’s secret Time Machine 

Once upon a time there was a brother and sister. The sister was the oldest and the brother was the youngest. One day Lily had a idea she wanted to build a time machine. Lets build it tomorrow said Peter then it will be more exiting. So they went to sleep and waited until the next day. 

Chapter 2 Building the time machine  

Lily got up first she woke Peter up and she said it’s time to build the time machine. So Lily got to work it took them all day. Finally they finished and saw a nice smooth time machine it was beautiful. 

Lily said to try it the next day. 

Chapter 3 The time machine. 

The next day Peter woke Lily up and said it was time to build the time machine so they got inside and pushed the button and they were of and they were of. They went through time to romans. 

As soon as they had a good look around THE TIME MACHINE BROKE! 

Just then a roman came and said he could fix it. He started to fix it and then he said it was ready.  

Chapter 4 A very short chapter with very short words. 

They wanted to go back home but they went to cavemen times. Lily tried to fix it and hoped it would  

stay fixed but... 

Chapter 5 It was still broken! 

They decided that they had had enough so this time Peter tried. He finally managed to fix it and make it home.