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White caps glimpsed through white clouds

by Eugen

Like clods of white earth the clouds flow in furrows above a wind whipped sea.

Aloft, cocooned in our tube, we cannot feel the raw edge of nature below.

How safe we feel; how beautiful it seems.

We are just a glimpse to the ship struggling through the peaks and troughs below

Like gods over our coffee, we absorb his whole world, just as background to our thoughts

He may feel the danger but are we any safer ?

Complacently sipping our drinks – at lunchtime – we float in our own little world.

Waves do not move when you see them from above – as the ship shudders below.

Cushioned by air – how fickle the flow sustained by our fires, cheating nature herself

Apart from the world – separated by such a thin skin from the falling and the fear

Taken for granted – quite naturally enbracing more of the un-natural.

The pop of our ears a gentle reminder of our impending return, and mortality.