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by Anon

​Im a Princess, but a todler, I like to run around and play with toys, however, im not like the others, they all follow the rules, be polite, and they always play with my hair all the time which is annoying. My oldest sister is Megan, she is 17, she never leaves the house without her fan. My next eldest sister is Maria, she feels like she is the most famous of us all, she is 14, then comes the prince, he always uses his manners and never leaves the house without his pet hamster! Now we have Georgie, she is super kind, she would always help someone out, the only thing annoying about her is that she invites her friends round to play with me, she is 9. Now we have me, 3 years old, the most cutest of everyone.


Now we come on to our pets, mine is a dog, he is 11 years old however, he always lyes on top of me as a nice comfortable flooring. Next is Harries pet, he has a hamster, his name is Fang, he nibbles anything or anyone he sees! Now we have Megan, she has a POODLE, it knows how to do nearly everything, completely insane! Georgie has  pet kittens which names are Elsa and Rolo, Rolo is a boy and Elsa is a girl. Maria has a dolphin which I love to go and watch swim, but im not old enough to swim with one yet because I can't swim yet.


So this is my todler life as a princess, if you would like to become a princess, use manners, be polite and be kind.If you want to stay yourself, believe in you, follow your dreams, acheive your goals! I know I want to become normal, im nothing like them.

Talk more soon