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Pin Cushion

by Sally

In a big house was a little pink bedroom and in that bedroom there was a pink bed, under the pink bed was a pink box where some toys and a small pin lived.

The toys were alive and could all talk to one another. When it was very quiet and no children or grown-ups were near they would come out to play. They did not get played with anymore as they were old and used and the children had out grown them. One morning the dollies and teddies decided to climb up on one another to reach the bed.

“Can I climb on too please?” Asked the pin.
“Oh no!” said one of the dollies “you can’t come you aren’t a proper toy, you are sharp and may hurt us.”

The little pin was very sad and made her own way up to the bed where she could watch them.
Some of the toys decided to have a jumping competition on the bed. The pin really wanted to join in so asked
“Can I play too I could be good at jumping, I will be very careful.”
“No you will make holes in the bed and might make holes in us. You make holes everywhere you go!!”
The pin rolled off the bed and went back in the box.

Whilst this was happening a little toy soldier on the shelf watched on. He wanted to help but could not think of how to help the pin. Then he had an idea, he jumped down from his shelf and cut a small piece of pillow from the bed. He took it straight to the pin and asked her to sit on the cushion which she did. She put her sharp point into the cushion, it was comfy. She also found that when she moved she didnt make holes. She thanked the toy solider and they went to show the others. When they saw the pin jump on the bed they all cheered she could jump higher than anyone. The toys welcomed the pin into their games and included her. They realised the pin wasnt so different to them and her point could do no harm safely in its cushion all thanks to the kind toy solider.