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Sally The Homesick Alien

by James

A million years ago, there lived an alien called Sally. Sally lived on Mars.

She went out for a walk one day and she saw a man from Earth standing between two big, red rocks. Sally ran back home calling out “there’s a man on our planet!” But before she got there, the man chased after Sally saying “I won’t hurt you.” So Sally stopped and she let the human being take her down below to Earth. She stayed on Earth for quite a while but one night she looked up at the night sky and saw her family. She realised Mars was a better planet and she wanted to go home.

She started to think how much she was missing her family so the next day she secretly began to make a rocket so she could go back to her family but every day she had to build and hide her rocket so nobody would see her trying to escape. The next day, the rocket was ready so early in the morning she got in the rocket and flew back to her family on Mars, where they live happily ever after.