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Didi Dolphin (Litrasaurus’ friend) is a bottle-nosed dolphin. Many of you may have been lucky enough to see dolphins either at sea in the wild or in Aquariums. Dolphins are mammals and whilst they do spend much of their time under water they do need to swim to the surface for air. They can swim up to speeds of 20 miles an hour which is very fast in water. Bottle-nosed dolphins are very intelligent and they have a special language of their own, they do not have voices as such, but they use a system of squeaks, whistles, trills and clicking noises. The clicking sound is used to let them know how far away an object is, how big it is, and the shape. This clicking sound bounces back as an echo from the object this is called sonar, it is very helpful at night and when the water is murky. Scientists are still trying to understand the code that they use to talk to one another. They often group together and these groups are called “pods”. They are playful and curious creatures and a delight to see in the oceans.