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Below are some of the things that our friends have said about Litrasaurus.


Lord TebbitThe Right Honourable The Lord Tebbit CH PC

"I rather like the description “wordsmith” for those who make their living by writing. It reminds us that our raw material is contained in the dictionary, rather as that of a dry stone wall builder is contained in the piles of stone from which he selects those pieces which interlock to form a wall of formidable strength and beauty.  Like the dry stone wall, every sentence has a purpose, which is to communicate meaning.

When those sentences come together in stories they enable us to learn not just from our shared human history but also from the experience of others and their lives. Wisdom comes not just from knowledge but also from empathy. Without imagination one cannot put oneself in another’s shoes, and without creativity one cannot dream about, let alone create, a better future."


Zac Goldsmith - MP for Richmond ParkZac Goldsmith - MP for Richmond Park

"This is a great initiative. Inspiring imagination and creativity in young people is so important, not just for their own development, but also to cultivate the empathy and vision that is needed if we are to successfully tackle the overwhelming issues that we and our planet face in the imminent future. Story tellers connect us not just with our past but also with our future. Encouraging children to read, write, and share stories, as Litrasaurus does, is a great start."


Councillor Meena Bond - Mayor of Richmond 2014

Councillor Meena Bond (who was the Mayor of Richmond in 2014)
Cabinet Member for Arts, Culture & Sport - London Borough of Richmond upon Thames

"What a wonderful initiative ! I am very excited about the prospect of children developing their imaginations like this. The written word is so important, being dyslexic I am particularly aware of this and would have so valued an initiative like this when I was young. What is more, these days, children are becoming too passive, whereas we really need them to be creative as well as engaged with the literary world. I wish Litrasaurus all the best."


artsrichmondLitrasaurus is very proud to be an Affiliate of artsrichmond