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This was an enormous ship which sank on its maiden voyage from Southampton to New York. On the night of Saturday 14th April 1912, with over two thousand people on board, it hit an iceberg and two and a half hours later sank in the early hours of Sunday morning. The crew had spotted the iceberg but were not able to turn the gigantic ship in time. Over 1500 people lost their lives and there was much criticism about the lack of lifeboats. It was expected to carry over 3,500 passengers but even with emergency life craft vessels had only capacity to take just over 1,000. The length of the ship was over 882 feet long and approximately 92 feet wide the hull was made from over two thousand sheets of 1” metal held together with over 3million rivets and thought to be unsinkable. It was grandly furnished and featured an amazing oak panelled staircase with an iron and glass skylight. Prior to 1912 it was the largest man-made moving object.