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King Midas

There are many stories and legends about King Midas, where and when he lived. The common thread of the stories tell of his great wealth. One of the main story lines is that as a reward for entertaining Dionysius he was granted a gift of his choice. He asked that he would like whtever he touched would turn to gold, however, when his wish was granted he saw that his food and water also turned to gold and also one version tells that his daughter when he affectionately touched her, she also turned to gold. Therefore he realised that this wish had been a very bad thing and prayed to be saved from starvation and loneliness. He was told that if he washed in the river then whatever it was that had been affected by his wish would be reversed therefore he did as instructed and the power turned the river beds into gold and this was to be understood as a reason why the river Pactolus in his land was so rich in gold as prospectors later found.