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The Latin name for them is Pica Pica, and they are very intelligent. There are particular portions of their brains that, when scaled for their relative size, are as large as the brains of chimpanzees and humans! Apparently this is one of the few species able to recognise itself in a mirror. They are scavengers, predators and thieves! They are well known for collecting bright, sparkling or shiny objects. They will eat almost anything (insects, fruit, vegetables and grain for instance) but they will also steal other birds eggs and even baby chicks to eat, as well as carrion. You may well have seen them on the roadside picking at creatures which have been run-over by cars. They have also been seen attacking and taking down small songbirds in flight. They appear black and white but close-up they have a purplish-blue sheen on their wings and a green-ish sheen to their tails. You may have heard what a noisy chattering sound they make.