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The Lady and the Unicorn

There is in Paris, France, a museum called La Musée de Moyenne Âge (The Musem of Middle Ages). It is home to an amazing set of tapestries entitled "La Dame a la Licorne" – the lady of the unicorn.

The Lady & The Unicorn

There are six tapestries in total in the set, and they all feature a unicorn on the left of the lady and a lion on her right.

The first five represent the senses:

  • Taste - taking some sweets
  • Hearing - playing a musical instrument
  • Smell - sniffing some flowers
  • Sight - looking into a mirror
  • Touch - placing her hand upon the Unicorn

The sixth, shown here, is more obscure but is thought to represent love or understanding as it has the words “a mon seul desire” on it – to my one desire. "A Mon Seul Desire".



Unicorns are magical creatures that have often appeard in mythology and legend.

The Unicorns in Perpetua are often seen in The Bluebell Wood .