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Grasshoppers and crickets are very similar but the crickets tend to have longer antennae. They are very good at jumping and they rub their back legs to “talk”, they also make a chirruping sound, you may have heard them. this sound is created by the rubbing of wings or legs (they have corrugated bumps on them) and when they do this it is called "stridulation", they both have "ears" but they are in different parts of their bodies. They use this vibratory noise to contact one another. They feed on almost anything and hence are called omnivores they eat decaying plants,insects,berrries, fungis and so on. They usually prefer to forage for food at night. They  also tap on leaves to one another and can use their legs and wings to send visual messages. They like to live in warm parts of the world and in some countries they are eaten for they have a high protein content.