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They are the only mammals that can sustain flight, their wings give them their power to push forward in propulsion. A single brown bat can catch appx. 1200 mosquito sized creatures an hour! In Texas it has been estimated that in Bracken Cave the Free Tailed Bats there can eat in the range of 200 tons of insects each night! Bats use echolocation to find their way around in the dark, they send out a beeping noise and listen (they usually have quite large ears) for variations in the echoes that bounce back, but they also have eyesight for seeing in the daytime- they do prefer, however, the night time for their activities. Bats are much misunderstood, not least there are only a few “Vampire Bats” that exist. Where they do exist, for instance in South America, they do not actually ‘suck’ blood, rather they may bite, for example cattle, and then lick the blood that comes from the wound.