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by James

Once upon a time in a town plentiful with tomatoes lived a young snake called Viper. She was born in the company of an evil brother called Danger. He had laser eyes and X-Ray specs so that he could steal gold from anywhere. One day Viper met a familiar looking snake and they had a fight. Viper slithered so fast around Danger that he couldn't see her and he got dizzy. Then Danger used his laser eyes but Viper was too lively. Danger began to use his X-Ray specs to see inside her. He realised she was too quick for him so he went home and she went home. They realised who they both were and Viper tried to get Danger away from her Dad. Her Dad's reaction was to get say "you are brother and sister!" Viper said "But I was fighting in the street!"

"That was you?"  said Danger

"Yep" said Viper

In the house they created a boundary separating Viper's side and Danger's side, but when she went to bed Danger liked to scare her. Viper found out how Danger got to her side. and she went to his side when he went out. Viper did a search and found loads of buttons that when she pressed one of them the walls turned over and she could see that Danger was trying to kill her and the space behind the walls was teeming with knives. Viper took some knives from Danger's side and feeling pessimistic she hid in his bedroom. When he went to bed she stabbed him. When she woke up Danger was lying lifeless in his bed . Viper gave all the gold that Danger had back to everybody and they called her a faithful hero of the town and the bravest snake on earth.