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Twiggles the Birthday flight!

by Carlotta

Well she had decided.

She had already enjoyed the wonders of the countryside where she had lived, but only from the ground, despite her wonder of flying creatures, and so she would ask Fancy (the wonderful bird from Perpetua) who had promised to take her on an amazing flight and so it was to be a new adventure, not only to experience a flight on Fancy, but also go to a special land that Twiggles had never visited – Perpetua. This was the land where the magical bird Fancy came from and that must be very special. Twiggles left her message a week after her birthday as instructed to see if the dove returned with an answer. She was not too sure that any response would return it all seemed too good to be true... but It did ! The next day a response from Fancy said that she would be delighted to take Twiggles to Perpetua and introduce her to some of her special friends. Twiggles was both nervous and excited she had always been worried about new things and shy, but her wish to experience flying was so strong and the thought of going to a whole different land –Well!

A date was arranged as Fancy had to carefully check the flying conditions because of safely carrying a passenger.. she could fly in any conditions and change her shape appropriately but with passengers it was different.

Fancy suggested the 10th August- she thought that the snow-capped mountains would be visible and that the lakes would be warm enough to swim in ( I do not think that Fancy knew enough about cats to realise that most species are not too keen on swimming!) The bluebell woods would be beautiful as they were, all the year round, and of course they would visit her favourite friend Litrasaurus and the cave in which other special friends were housed.

So... the date was set!

It was a beautiful sunny and calm day when Fancy arrived early in the garden to collect Twiggles. Fancy arrived in the guise of a small brown sparrow but then she landed on the garden table and then turned into the most magnificent bird of many colours that Twiggles had ever seen. A bird so beautiful with a wonderful throne- like seat upon her back. Fancy made the illusion of an “ordinary” bird and made her special passenger seat invisible to avoid detection when Twiggles climbed aboard.

“Come along then” said Fancy “time for some fun!” but she made sure that Twiggles was safely in the seat and had her seat belt firmly fastened.

Twiggles was a little afraid but so excited! They took off up into the sky it was just exhilarating for Twiggles to feel the air rustling through her fur and she was amazed as they rose higher and higher into the wonderful clear blue skies. As they gained height she was just staggered by how tiny everything below on the ground appeared, like a miniature world compared to what she was used to. Fancy flew with such grace as do so many birds- unlike the floppy way she had noticed in Magpies and Crows. Fancy glided up on the thermal currents which helped them rise with an almost effortless ease. It seemed to be quite quickly before they neared the land of Perpetua and its shores- but Fancy could fly at supersonic speeds which meant they were flying at heights that were extra-ordinarily cold-but the flight seat that Fancy used had a warming cushion and blankets allowing Twiggles to keep warm.

By now Twiggles was breathless as they flew over the wonderful snow-capped mountains of the northern parts of Perpetua and headed south to the coastal areas not far from the cave of Litrasaurus. The trip alone, would have just been enough, but now she was going to find herself in a wonderful new land and meet some of its inhabitants.

They began the day by going to the cave of Litrasaurus and when Fancy landed it appeared to Twiggles they were in the middle of nowhere- then all of a sudden a swishing noise came from an area of banked grass behind an ancient tree and an arched entrance into the cave was illuminated by a beautiful rainbow- Twiggles had seen rainbows before in between rain showers and storms but as there had often been lightning and thunder she tended to hide and only peeped at them from afar. To be so close to this brightest of bright rainbow was amazing. Inside the entrance was Litrasuarus waiting for them- Twiggles was daunted at first at his size, Dinosaurs are VERY big.

Fancy introduced her to Litrasaurus - he was so kind and gracious. He showed her his study and his amazing library where lots of children were lazing on huge comfy cushions reading. Together they travelled down a maze of tunnels which seemed dingy and dark at first but as they travelled hosts of fireflies went ahead of them to light the way again Twiggles was stunned at how wonderfully clever they were in flight dashing hither and thither leading them on. At last they could see some light at the end of the tunnel and they had arrived to the end and this one had led them to an opening where the sea gently lapped into the cave upon the shoreline sheltered by the cave. Didi the dolphin came to say hello and Jimmy the Octopus popped in to tell some of his funny stories but Twiggles was rather alarmed at his tentacles when they reached out to tickle her, but  she liked it really.

They then went to visit Flora in her beautiful garden where the scents from all her wonderful flowers and herbs permeated the atmosphere , butterflies were in abundance and once again Twiggles marvelled at the wonder of flight. Flora also had a wonderful dovecote in her garden where the doves would act as messengers carrying letters to people all over this land and indeed to others, they were beautiful and gentle birds and very clever always managing to find the way back to Flora’s garden regardless of how far they had travelled. Twiggles Flora and Fancy, sat enjoying the warm summer sun and sipping iced mint tea and they counted how many different types of butterflies were there. Flora knew the names of them all. They enjoyed a visit from Ariadne a dear friend of Flora, and Twiggles had never seen such a beautiful spider she was the colour of burnished gold and she told Twiggles of her special ability to spin strong golden webs!

Then they visited the bluebell woods which were truly wonderful and she saw the graceful white magical horses that lived in the woods, after that it was time to return to Say Goodbye to Litrasaurus and take Twiggles home. Twiggles had enjoyed a truly fantastic day!

Yet more was to come! as they went to say Goodbye Litrasaurus said he had a special gift for Twiggles just from him- It was a wish - he had a friend- a magical tree who could impart knowledge Arbicus Magicus ( he was the ancient tree they had seen outside the grassy bank which hid the cave entrance )and Litrasaurus said he would ask if Arbicus would grant Twiggles a wish of her choice.

Well he did! and do you know what Twiggles chose?

It was to be able to speak to the birds to re-assure them that she would never hurt them but just loved to watch in amazement as they were so clever at flying.

Evening was drawing in now and Fancy said it was time to go back to Twiggles garden. Sad to leave all these wonderful new friends she climbed on board the special seat that this wonderful bird had put on to transport her back. As they flew back the moon started to rise a wonderful golden crescent shaped moon surrounded by thousands  and thousands of twinkling stars in the deep blue night sky. As they dropped down in height and neared her home garden she saw wonderful owls with huge wingspans hunting for mice! “ Hello owls look I am flying too!”

Back home in her garden tired and exhausted she thanked Fancy for such a wonderful day and asked if perhaps she could keep in touch with her new friends by sending messages with the help of the doves and pigeons. Fancy replied saying she would ask Flora to send a dove but it could be only once a month as it was a long long journey for them as they had not the ability to go at the speeds that they had travelled. Wonderful! Thought Twiggles and wished her a safe journey home to Perpetua.

She curled up on her favourite cushioned garden chair and fell into a deep sleep.

The next day she thought it had all been a dream but remembering the wish she thought that she might try and speak to the robin perched upon the bird-table.

It worked! He could understand her and she was able to tell all the birds that she would not hurt them but that she just so admired their flying skills, so, now when in her garden, all the different birds - swallows, swifts , blackbirds, sparrows, chaffinches and many more listened to her and became friends and they did the most wonderful aerobatic displays to delight Twiggles until the end of her days. She felt so privileged and thankful for the wonderful birthday presents that she had been given.