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The Mystery Pebble

by Year 3 and Year 4

Lexi and Lily were skipping home from ice-skating. Whilst there, they saw bright, vast ice. Weirdly, Lily whispered to Lexi “Can you see that dull, gloomy forest ahead?” “Yes I can.” replied Lexi.

Just then, Lexi and Lily strolled into the dull, dark forest. “What is that?” asked Lexi. Lexi and Lily saw a huge, colossal Guinea pig with massive feet.

The next morning, Lexi and Lily woke up and saw that they were on top of a bush covered in footprints. They went to the doctors to have the footprint dust removed from their body.

A few hours later, Lexi and Lily were in a boiling, vast bed. Moments later, Lexi found a green, shiny pebble under her pillow and Millie had one too. They were worried that people wouldn’t believe where it had come from.