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Old Papa Saves the Balls

by Cindi Walton

Old Papa goes golfing almost every day

He gets in his cart and heads on his way

He takes out a ball that’s shiny and round

And places it gently on a tee in the ground

Taking his club from the back of his bag

He plants his feet firmly with a zig and a zag

Swinging his club and following through

The ball is now soaring and knows what to do…

It lands on the greens and not in the pond,

Where many balls land,

Of which they’re not fond

A ball that is lost is so lonely and sad

Old Papa will find them and soon they’ll be glad.

Each night after supper when Old Papa’s ate, He heads to the pond before it gets late

He tromps in the tall grass and wades through the muck, where those golf balls have landed and now they are stuck

He gathers them up and tucks them away in his pocket or bucket, and that’s where they’ll stay…

And when he gets home,

You know what he’ll do?  He’ll shine up those balls and soon they’ll look new!

He’ll wash and he’ll polish each ball with such care, and package them up to give and to share…

 Each ball that he rescues will get a new chance

To return to the golf course to frolic and dance

Old Papa’s my hero, he’s saved the lost balls

And found a new home for each and for all

Old Papa’s my grandpa and a golf balls best friend

It’s time to go golfing, now my story must end!




Do you know what lost golf balls do to pass the time until they are found?

They tell jokes!  Here are a few of them for you to share with your friends…


Why did the golfer wear two pairs of pants?


 In case he got a hole in one!

What kind of shirt did the golfer wear?


A tee shirt!

How are lost golf balls like eggs?


They’re white, you can buy them by the dozen and in a week they’ll be gone and you’ll need more~




In this story Old Papa liked to go out on the golf course and find golf balls that were lost.  This is something he enjoys doing and is one of his hobbies.  Do you have a hobby or something you like to collect and share with others?  Having a hobby is fun and collecting things can lead to an adventure.  Whether you collect golf balls or rocks…have fun doing it ! 



Time to save some more balls!

The End !