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Birthday Celebration

by Bish Bash 123
Red Velvet Cake, prepared by Waldorf Astoria New York Spring 2013 by Hennem08

Once each year for my birthday celebration,

I conjure up a taste sensation,

A cake with tubs of frothy cream,

That is the confection of my dream.

After a while I decided to bake,

A deliciously succulent red velvet cake,

From the oven a heaven aroma drifts,

My taste buds tingle and my heart lifts.

The divine cake looked all golden brown,

And I smothered on an icing crown,

As I showered sprinkle here and there,

I iced my name with special care.

The sponge of the cake looked moist and luscious,

The cake stood creamy and exquisite and luxurious

The sponge so sweet and enticing,

Then looks royal with its mantle of icing.

I scatter the many coloured candles around,

And with a scarlet ribbon bound,

Sliding the deliciously delectable cake on to the stand,

I stood with glee for I had created my dream.

I sat alight my birthday candles,

The sparkles danced like firework bundles,

I cut myself a plentiful slice,

Then all I could taste was heaven on my tongue.