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Tell us...

Simply remember

Tell us about something that you did, or that happened to you, or that have seen.


Is there a picture that you particularly like? It could be a painting, drawing or photograph. Tell us why you like it and describe the picture for us, the colours, what it is about, who is in it then we can imagine it too.

Musical Instruments

Do you, or would you like to play a musical instrument? What type of instrument do you like to hear playing the most? If you could choose to play any instrument what would it be and why would you choose that one? Tell us if you have ever played in a band or orchestra where it was and what it was like and what sort of music did you play?

Favourite Subject In School

Do you, or did you have, a favourite subject at school or college? If so what was it and why did you like it so much? Was it a specially good teacher or was it that the subject was just so interesting? Tell us why.


Insects are fascinating, people love them or hate them! They are the largest population on earth. Which ones do you like or loathe? Some are very good for us like bees that make honey and some are quite horrid like wasps. Have you ever been bitten or stung by an insect? Some are very pretty like the butterflies can you describe a butterfly that you have seen and tell us where it was and what it looked like?


What is your favourite flower? What colour is it and what does it look like tell us whether it had a scent that you like and why it is your favourite. Does it grow in this country or somewhere abroad? Have you ever been to a flower show if so what was it did you see and like the best. If you imagined you had a garden all of your own what flowers would you grow in it and what else might you like to grow?


What has been your best or worst holiday? Tell us all about it where it was and what happened? Who did you go with? Did you meet any new friends?


Do you have a hobby if so what is it? Perhaps a sport or stamp collecting, drawing, reading or maybe puzzles or something else? Tell us why you particularly enjoy doing this in your spare time?


What is your favourite animal in the whole world and why? What do you know about this animal and describe where it lives and what it likes to eat. What do you think is the worst animal that you could meet and why?


Do you have a special friend? If so tell us what they are like and why you think they are special are they funny, mischeivous, kind, helpful? Describe how you met and tell us some of the things that you like to do together.


Tell us what is your favourite food? Is it something that you have had as a special treat? Is it something that is specially cooked at home and cannot be bought elsewhere? Is it sweet or savoury? Can you describe it and tell us what it tastes like? Is it a mixture of thigs or just one special thing? If it is a mixture what are the ingredients?


This could be about what you dream of as in a wish or tell us if you have had an interesting or funny dream when you have been asleep!


Have you ever been on a special journey? If so where did you go and how did you get there? Was it a worst journey perhaps stuck in a traffic jam or delayed in an airport? Perhaps it was a special trip to Lapland to see Father Christmas and his helpers or some other special trip. What would be your favourite journey? Where do you dream of travelling to and how would you wish to travel there? Perhaps by road, rail, on horseback, in a carriage, hot air balloon, spaceship, time machine, aircraft, submarine, sailing ship or anything else.


Is there a special place that you like to visit over and over again? Or a special place that you have been to once and it holds a apecial memory? Tell us where it was and what it was like and why it is so special for you.