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Imagine if...

Be really creative

Just close your eyes and drift away on a flight of Fancy.

Imagine being shipwrecked

Where were you travelling to and what sort of ship was it? Why were you travelling describe the journey so far- What happened to the ship -what went wrong that resulted in the ships disater? How did you get to land? Was it deserted what was it like? What did you manage to take with you to help you survive? How did you spend your days? Were you alone or did others get to land with you- if so who were they and what were they like? Did you get rescued and how and by whom? ( P.S Assume that there was no signal for a mobile phone!)

Imagine finding a goose that really could lay golden eggs

Like the one in the pantomime story of Jack and the Beanstalk.

What would it look like strange or just normal? How big were the eggs? Where did you find it?  How did you discover that it layed golden eggs? What would you do? Would you keep it a secret or tell others?

Imagine you could travel through time

Where would you go? The past or the future. Would it be to a place? Or perhaps to visit a person from the past, if so who or where and what did you do when you met the person or arrived at that place? Was it someone famous from History, or perhaps a distant relative. If it were a person what would you like to say to them or ask of them? Describe  what travelling in time was like and how you did it. Was it a time machine or a set of magic words? If it was a machine describe what it may have looked like.

Imagine you found something strange!

What is it? What does it look like? Where was it -in the fridge? in the wardrobe? in a cupboard? under the bed? in a box? What does it do? Is it a creature? Can it talk? is it a strange object? How do you think it got there?

Imagine you could be an animal for a day

If you could spend a day as an animal what sort of animal would you be? Where would you live and what would you do in that day? What would you like to eat and what would you look like?

Imagine if you were an inventor

What if you were able to invent anything- What would it be?  How would it be able to help other people or yourself?  ( by the way people who make up and write stories are inventors too! )

Imagine you had a special talent or gift

Imagine you had a special talent what would it be ? What would you use it for ? How did it work- was it a magic word- was it something you could do or be?

Imagine finding a letter in a bottle

Perhaps the tide had washed it up on a beach, what would the message say perhaps a cry for help or perhaps it had a treasure map inside. What would  you do ? You can decide.

Imagine Fancy could take you on a journey

If you could go to another land or planet or time and Fancy could transport you there. Where would you go? Describe the journey and what it was like to travel on Fancy’s back and what it was like when you arrived and what did you see?

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Imagine you found a message from Dodo!

If you found  a message from Dodo – How would it have been found? Could it have been a message in a bottle or brought by the doves. Perhaps Dodo was giving you clues about a wonderful store of books that the Androids did not know about. Where are they? How would you rescue the books and whose magic might  help you to get them to Litrasurus?

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